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80 Gauge Black Stretch Wrap


Quality stretch wrap sold at affordable prices. Export Available.
Call 370-8833 for more information.


  • 18 ” x 1500 feet
  • Manufactured with 5 Layer Cast Film Technology
  • Resistant Against Puncturing and Tearing
  • Transparent
  • High resistance to stretch for superior load retention

Alpha stretch wraps are available in both machine and hand-applied formats. We provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for primary packaging and unitization.

4 Rolls in a box.

ALPHA Stretch Wrap is manufactured by using the most advanced technology, offers unparalleled puncture and tear resistance making it easy to use and reduces film breakage. Sold in Trinidad and Tobago. The stretch, load retention and toughness of our specially engineered film ensures keeping your palletized products together during transit preventing damage. Available in the following sizes:


18″ x 1500 feet x 80 Gauge


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For information on the difference between stretch wrap and shrink film, click here.


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