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Gold Tip Sewing Machine Needle


Sold by the pack – 10 Needles / Pack

Size 18.


Our sewing machine needles are used both at home and commercially for the creation of apparel, home décor products, car seats, shoes, mats, airbags, book binding and much more.

Machine needles should be replaced after a maximum sewing time of 8 hours. Replace needles more frequently when sewing synthetic fabric, appliqués or machine embroidery. This will avoid skipped stitches, fabric pulls and frayed threads. Machine needles are designed to break or shear off for the protection of the sewing machine hook mechanism, bobbin case, presser foot, or needle plate. If a needle bends or burrs, do not sew with it.

What does needle size #90 mean? The number classification of a needle refers to the diameter of the blade (#90 means .9mm in diameter). The larger the number, the larger the needle’s diameter of the blade. Larger needles also have a larger eye making them ideal for thicker threads. If a thread moves through an eye that is too small for the diameter of the thread, the thread may heat up, skip stitches, shred or break.