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Fabric Dye


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Viktoria Fabric Dye will give your crafts and fabrics a new color.

Viktoria Fabric Dyes come in 10 gram Packets.
You can dye cotton, wool, linen, silk, nylon and other synthetic fabrics, but this dye is not suitable for polyester or fabrics with a water-repellant coating.

This dye allows you to effortlessly color all of your fabrics, rugs, clothes and all of projects. Through years of development, this dye has unrivalled adhesion of colors, making it easy to dye your fabrics.


Bead Blue, Black, Brown, Canary, Cyan, Dark Beige, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Dark Navy Blue, Dark Sprout, Dark Wine, Gold Yellow, Indigo Blue, Khaki, Medium Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Sour Cherry, Violet