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Buckrum Fabric – Fusible



Buckrum fabric is a stiff cotton, celebrated for its strength and durability.  It is often coated in glue to enhance its rigidity. This makes it the ideal strengthening fabric for a number of purposes such as:

  • Stabilizing curtain eyelets
  • Strengthen curtain pleats
  • Book Binding
  • Making hats and costumes


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This very sturdy fabric, Buckrum Fabric is sold by the yard and has a width of 44 inches.

Buckrum fabric is a stiff cotton that often incorporates strengthening elements such as glues. From book covers to hats, the strength of this material means that hard-wearing structures can be created with ease.

Due to these great structural qualities, it is used in making or enhancing curtain designs. The way you use this material will depend on the type of buckrum you choose for your project. Buckrum is available in two options –  fusible and non-fusible (sew-in) .

Fusible buckrum is the perfect choice if you’re looking for convenience, as the glued side makes the process easier. This allows you to iron the buckrum straight onto your curtain fabric. The sew in option, on the other hand, must be stitched into the fabric.

Buckrum is used by sandwiching the fabric between two layers of the curtain material. We refer to this as interfacing, as it is hidden inside the fabric. With both application options, you’ll need to measure out the amount of  fabric you need before starting.

If you’re using the fusible option, look for the side with adhesive. This will usually be a bit shinier and even tacky to the touch. Place the adhesive side onto the ‘wrong’ side of your curtain fabric – the inside.