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16″ Shrink Film (Polyolefin)


This is a versatile polymer material used for the packaging of finished goods. Quality shrink film at affordable pricing in Trinidad and Tobago. We also export to the rest of the Caribbean.

Available Sizes

  • 8” – 18” |  75 Gauge  |   2624 Feet Per Roll
  • 12” – 18” | 100 Gauge | 3500 Feet Per Roll

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Polyolefin (also known as shrink film) is the preferred choice for packing products and is used in a wide variety of situations. ALPHA uses the highest-grade resins that meet or exceed all industry-specific standards, including food-grade material. When heated it will shrink quickly and tightly securing the products inside, waterproofing, weatherproofing and tamper proofing just about anything. Temperature is not an issue for our shrink film, making it your best choice for temperature sensitive products.

Our wide variety of shrink film makes it easy for you to store and ship products. Our clear film allows you to see what is inside for easy retrieval. Given that our film is durable, flexible, low cost and allows for high speed packaging, this makes it the preferred packaging option for a variety of businesses. This allows for safe transportation of products. Some uses include toys, foods, stationery, and sporting goods, only name a few.

ALPHA Films are USDA & FDA Approved for Food Contact

Key Features

  • Five layers co-extruded
  • Superior Transparency and Gloss
  • High Burnout Resistance
  • No deposits on sealing wires
  • Wide shrink temperature range
  • High shrink force
  • Extremely strong seals
  • Minimal dog ears


** For wholesale inquiries please send an email to**


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