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What are the Different Types of Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is often called packing tape, parcel tape or box sealing tape. This tape is  pressure sensitive and made from adhesive coated polypropylene, BOPP or polyester film. The extra width makes taping up cartons simple and fast. It usually is worked with using a hand operated tape gun dispenser.

Filament Tape

This clear tape is made from polypropylene or polyester film using embedded fiberglass filaments along the length of the tape. It is super strong and mostly used in production line packaging and machines as it will not break easily. Best for heavy cartons. 

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Tear Tape

These are narrow filament or polypropylene pressure sensitive adhesive tapes used as a tear or anti-tampering strip to make opening packaging on consumer goods. 

tear tape

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Water Activated Tape

Water Activated Tape (WAT) is a kraft paper tape with a gum glue adhesive that is reactivated by water.

The main advantages of eco-friendly Water-Activated tape are that it adheres to the box and becomes one which makes almost impossible to peel off and creating strong, secure tamper resistant seal. 

*Not sold at Fakoory & Co. Ltd