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Why use Tan Heavy Duty Packing Tape?

When it’s time to pack up, be sure to choose a durable packing tape that’s tear- and break-resistant. Heavy Duty Packing Tape is designed with a long-lasting acrylic adhesive that keeps your boxes and packages secure during shipping, moving and storage. Plus, the tan color provides a discreet and professional seal so you can box up your belongings while keeping your storage space at home or the office looking nice.

Tan color blends uniformly with brown boxes. They are excellent for industrial purposes and have high tensile strength. The ultra strong and heavy duty tape can seal any package. Brown or clear coloured backing affects nothing but the presentation of your goods. It’s the quality of the tape’s backing and type of adhesive that counts.

Tan Packing Tape
For most projects and taping needs around the house, this general purpose masking tape gets the job done. Its high tack sticks easily so it’s great for bundling, decorating for a party or holding down a tarp. Its strength and heavy-duty design makes it perfect for labeling things around the house or in the classroom. Plus, this all-purpose tape removes easily and cleanly so you have more time to finish your project without the worry of residue being left behind.

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