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Brown Tape vs Clear Packaging Tape : Which should I use?

The Brown Paper Tape

Brown paper, also known as gummed paper tape is a water-activate packaging tape. It is made with a secure, pilfer proof bond which is ideal to use in dusty and dirty environments.

Some strengths of brown paper tape include:

  • Minimum tape needed for secure sealing.
  • Taper evident seals which acts as theft prevention of your products.
  • Made with a printable surface.
  • Temperature resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable

Clear Packaging Tape

There are two types of clear packaging tape; acrylic tape and hot melt tape. 

Hot melt tape is most reliable for light to medium weight box sealing, package repair and bundling applications due to its high shear strength, easy unwind ability and highly flexible nature. 

This type of tape is best used when working with irregularly shaped cartons and loads which require upmost strength. 

Acrylic Clear Packaging Tape

This is also known as the “GO TO” packaging tape. This tape features: 

  • High shear strength for minimal shipping hazards. 
  • Deeper adhesion over time for corrugated fibers of the carton. 
  • Long shelf life means long term storage
  • High UV resistance
  • Known for excellent clarity. 


Acrylic clear packaging, such as the COHERE Clear Packaging distributed by Fakoory & Co. is best used when storing packages for a prolonged period of time in a storage facility / warehouse. It is especially durable in humid environments; perfectly suited for Trinidad and Tobago’s climate.